Team Levine represents for 5th Annual World Prematurity Day

November 17, 2015 marked the 5th annual World Prematurity Day, a day when parent groups and organizations worldwide joined together to raise awareness of the serious problem of premature birth.

The March of Dimes leads the World Prematurity Network, (WPN), a global coalition of consumer and parent groups working together to raise awareness and prevent premature birth in their countries. Through World Prematurity Day and other joint efforts, members call for action to prevent preterm birth and improve care for babies born too soon. Nearly 100 countries participated in World Prematurity Day with building and landmark lightings, outdoor events, petitions, and other demonstrations of support.

This year, Paulina was selected to tell her story to donors and volunteers at the NYC Prematurity Awareness Day event near the Empire State Building that was lit in purple.

Team Levine attends the 2015 March of Dimes Volunteer Leadership Conference

Being ranked among the top 10 family teams in the country, Team Levine was invited to attend the 2015 March of Dimes Volunteer Leadership Conference in Fort Lauderdale, FL in July. We were privileged to have an intimate Family Team session with Dr. Joe Leigh Simpson, senior vice president for Research and Global Programs at the March of Dimes.

Dr. Simpson is a scientist, geneticist, and expert in women’s health issues and is dedicated to helping every woman who wants a child to have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. His presentation was on the 5 Prematurity Research Centers (Stanford, University of Pennsylvania, Washington University, University of Chicago/Northwestern/Duke, Ohio Collaborative) that are working to find a cure for premature birth.